KADE Builders has a reputation for building beautiful, state of the art and innovative commercial office condominiums in Houston and surrounding areas.

What makes KADE Builders’ office communities the best is our efficient and dynamic building process and design, cutting edge and innovative building techniques and first-class commercial construction. KADE Builders is a turn-key construction and development company. We purchase the real estate, develop the groundwork and infrastructure, and design and build the office condominium.

Real Estate Management
We purchase real estate property in Houston and surrounding areas for professional office space development.
We develop the groundwork and infrastructure using commercial grade building products.
Design & Development
We design office condominiums with unique floor plans that accommodate up to 6,120 square feet of office space.


KADE Builders was established in support of the growing need for quality, affordable office space for professionals and small business owners in the Houston and surrounding area.

We are dedicated to delivering an innovative, commercial use professional office space by using commercial grade building products and a uniquely designed floor plan that accomodates from 811 square feet up to 6,120 square feet of office space.

Our office condominium developments provide an extraordinary and incredible value for business owners, professionals, and investors who are wanting to build equity and invest in the future value of their company. Rather than continuing to pay office rent year after year, you can now invest that money and build equity in your own office building.